British Columbia
Scenes from Berkeley

B.C. Fog

Seattle--Home to the world's longest floating bridge

Totem on Vancouver Is.

Woohoo!  The 50th parallel!

Seymour narrows.  Don't swim here.

Yum!  Fresh water and a power bar on a foggy morning.

Find the monkey lurking in the bushes

Believe it or not, the world's largest wood burl.

Enjoying the Discovery Passage sunshine.

Sunset over the Pacific from the ferry.

Brr! Morning near Bella Coola.

Celebrating trail mix aside the Bella Coola R.

Yeah, dude!  We made it to the top of THE HILL.

PB & J in a sunny wilderness

Food stop on the way to Williams Lake

Painted chasm in the midst of the Cariboo

After two weeks, it was time to bathe...

... But swimming was more fun.

Rolling meadows en route to Lillouette.

Tunnel along Fraser R.

Descending into Hell's Gate (note fudge sign).

Ahh. Harrison host springs.

Yay! Hay!

Bye BC!