Welcome to Stephen David's home page.

For useful information, you may want to visit my web page at the University of Maryland: http://www.ece.umd.edu/~svd/.

Recent diversions:

  • Our family photos: See the newest Kamziks in action!
  • Neurotree: Learn about the academic genealogy of neuroscience! (in collaboration with Ben Hayden)
  • The Academic Family Tree: Extending the effort out to the entire canopy.
  • The Neural Prediction Challenge: Figure out just what those pesky neurons are actually doing.
  • "My Family Tree": Use Neurotree-derived software to plot your own family tree... Or any other tree you want!
  • Once upon a time, I wrote a blog. I wrote about my bike trip across the USA in 2005 but, alas, haven't done much with it since.